Frank Farro

Head of School

Natalie Farro

Director of Operations

Daniella Abdin

Socratic Guide

Laura Sandefer


Jeff Sandefer


Frank and I met in Orlando, Florida in the fall of 2010.  Five years later we welcomed our daughter Brooke into the world.  We knew we wanted an education for her that vastly differed from what we experienced. During our search to find the perfect learning model, we divinely stumbled upon Acton Academy.  This revolutionary education was unlike any we had discovered before and knew instinctively we would not find this model anywhere else.  As there was not yet an Acton Academy available in North Broward, we decided to bring this school to our community. 


After meeting Daniella, who shares our passion for education, we knew we had the perfect trifecta of experience, talent and vision to make our dream a reality.  We hope you will join us in our quest to build a "tribe" of life-long learners,

finding their passion to change the world!

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