Our flexible approach challenges each student with their own differentiated learning plan and inspires them through real-world projects and experiences. Supported by the latest in technology and cognitive science, we move beyond the traditional tools of lectures, homework, high-stakes tests, and grades. Our students learn in collaborative studios of multi-age learners.




Hands-on, real world projects used to master the tools and skills needed for 21st century problem solving.

Life Skills

While intentionally cultivating a growth mindset, we challenge our students with opportunities to develop necessary hard and soft skills.

Studio Agreements

Written covenants that form a tightly-bound community of individuals learning to form authentic friendships and resolve interpersonal problems.


Deep Socratic discussions to hone critical thinking skills and the ability to write and speak powerfully.


In cherishing the arts, we encourage our learners to foster their individual desire for creative expression. 

Measuring Mastery

Learners celebrate the mastery of tools, skills and character by earning badges, assembling portfolios and taking part in public exhibitions.

Core Skills

Utilizing the latest resources and technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing and math skills.

Physical Education

In addition to daily time outdoors, we offer physical activity exploring a mind body connection and physical wellness.

After School Programs

We are currently developing after school programs for both Creative and Martial Arts. 

Details coming soon.